Friday, April 11, 2008

New Menu to launch on 15th April

We will be changing out half a dozen items in our menu by next Tuesday (15th April). Generally reducing the number of deep-fried dishes and promoting more wok-fried varieties as well as a handful of our Western Bento fare. Stay tuned!


wraine said...


I tried the menu A15 and feel that some adjustment need to be made to the pickled vegie coz it's tooooo salty. I've ended up picking out the chicken and left all the pickles behind.

Famous said...

Would be great if u can provide the menu pics or the new menu pricing and listing. Since i click on new menu launch but i didn't even know which one is new menu?

plus no pic how to tempt us? hehe

Jaime said...

Suggest not only display pics for new menu but for existing menu as well...Always wanted to try new thing but cnt be sure which one to choose since no pics.